Monday, March 28, 2005

Prompt 8

"The things I see as I walk along the street, that's life to me...."
I can see myself driving at night with my car through big ruts that my dad has made worse over time with his freightliner, and as I step out of my car I am stepping in foot deep gushes of mud. By the time I get into the house the legging of my pants and my sneakers are completely covered in mud. I live in the middle of nowhere completely surrounded by woods on a long dirt road, well what use to be dirt and is now mud. I can finally say that mud season is here, dad is leaving at eight o’clock in the evening to go to work after the mud has hardened, roads are posted with weight limits, and road conditions are horrible as in bumpiness. Pretty soon dad will be out of work. Now as I leave my driveway in the morning the mud is softening and as I take off I can see the mud fly up from my tires and onto the hood of my car.