Friday, February 18, 2005

prompt 5

The Battle Begins
As I have stated before I got kicked out of the dorms and had to move out. Well I recieved a letter Monday afternoon and at the bottom of the letter it said that I could appeal his desicion of kicking me out. Well this is where I see the battle beginning, so I appealed his letter for sure. I was up all night writting a letter back to him trying to change his mind, mind you I only had 24 hours to get back to him. I went to his office early the next mornin giving him my appeal. As I stood in his doorway handing him my letter I stray to stay as calm as possible and ask him if wants to talk to me in person to try and understand things from my point of view. He told me no and that he would reply within 24 hours. As I was waiting for him to write back I talked to a few people and asked them for the oppinion on what they thought would happen and they told me the exact oposite from what really did happen. I recieved his letter in late mornin, and denied my appeal, again at the bottom it said that I could appeal his letter to the dean of the college. Well I was also told that if I get denied againI can go as far as going to the president. But I felt that two denials was good enough for me so I didn't try to appeal to the dean, I gave in and gave him what he wanted and that was for me to be gone. Well I hope that he is happy now because he got his way and even though I was wrong I admitted to what happened and tried to face my actions responsibly, but it was hard knowing that I had to leave all my friends behind and go home. The battle could have gone further but I decided to try and be a responsible person and face the consequences with out making an idiot of myself or anyone else.


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