Friday, February 18, 2005

my cause essay

A Dead-End Job
If someone ever asked me how I liked working at Dunkin Donuts and if they should apply, I would tell them to find some other place to look for work. Working at Dunkin Donuts is stressful all the time. Plus the employees gossip about each other and make fun of the customers. All in all it’s a dead-end job and an unpleasant place to work. I dislike working at Dunkin Donuts because the work area is a mess all the time, the employees don’t care about customer service, and worst of all the pay is terrible.
First of all, the work area is a mess. For one thing, the counter is always disgusting. It is always covered with crumbs from the muffins and donuts. Sugar constantly falls off the coffee cups because the sloppy employees are in a rush. There is sometimes spilt coffee from the employees not putting the lids on the coffee cups right and the coffee spills out the sides. Also the work station is gross. The sugar is always stuck onto the station so bad that we have to pour hot water where the coffee was accidentally dumped onto the sugar that had been slopped on the outside of the bowl. The employees leave the artificial sweetener packet lying all around and if they go to throw then away and miss the packets stay on the floor until someone else decides to pick them up. I see broken cups and mess up coffees just sitting on the station waiting to be spilt. There are coffee beans dumped everywhere from trying to fill the bin too quickly and the bag overflowing the small opening in the bin. In addition, the drive thru is nasty. The trash can is constantly overflowing with wet coffee grounds. I can never seem to make enough coffee. It goes as quick as I make it. At the work station we have counter people coming over to use our coffee because they ran out and are to lazy to make more and while they are using our coffee they are also making a mess of our station. The counter people also come to our station to use all of our cream when they need to make a coffee coolatta. There are always munchkins in the drive thru’s area because the employees love to kick them around like they are little soccer balls instead of picking them up. Nobody that works at Dunkin Donuts likes to clean up after themselves so the place always looks like a dump.
On top of the constant mess my fellow employees don’t care about customer service. For one thing, the employees are always rude to the customers. One time I was listening to an order and the way that Belinda responded was horrible. The customer ordered a long and after the really long order Belinda snapped at the customer, "Is that all?" as if she was in a hurry and then she put the order together as carelessly as possible. Also, they give sloppy service to the customers. For example if Mindy was working drive thru and had forgotten a coffee, she would ask again or maybe even a third time "what was in the coffee?" and after she was told it would be thrown together with sugar all over the side of the cup and cream running down the side. Finally, they are rude to me. If I am in charge for the shift I will ask different employees to do different tasks. I might ask someone to do the bathrooms, someone to do the creamers, and someone to sweep and mop. I have had my share of chores and now it is their turn, but I will always get one person that doesn’t want to do her chore and she will aggravate me so badly. For example, when I told Kristen to clean the bathrooms, she gave me her bad attitude, complete with rolled eyes. She told me she would do it when she got around to it, if she had time. Other times, the employees will tell me that I have no right telling them what to do because I am not their boss but the thing is they may not realize the boss is the one that left me in charge. Employees at Dunkin Donuts tend to do as they wish, not caring whose feelings they may hurt or whose order they may mess up on. It is really sad.
Worse than the mess and the uncaring employees is the terrible pay. For some of the things I do I think that I should be getting paid a little better. For over a year now I have been working for only $6.35 per hour and I deal with a lot of crap from customers, fellow employees, and even my manager. I have gone home before in tears because employees have messed up on a customer’s order and that customer has come back yelling at me so meanly I had go out back to cool down. I have had to clean the restaurant when it has been its dirtiest, including cleaning the men’s bathroom, which is the worst. I have put up with rude employees and a manager who takes advantage of me. Worst of all, I have spent much time being a shift leader with added responsibility but no extra pay. In addition to a low wage, I receive no benefits, no holiday pay, and am aloud no overtime.
I really hate working at Dunkin Donuts. I hate the mess, the people, and the pay. It is really hard working with coworkers who don’t want to be there and don’t care what kind of service they give. It’s frustrating to work for people who care so little about their employees. It’s no fun working at a dead-end job. The one thing that we are guaranteed working at Dunkin Donuts is a whole lot of stress.


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