Friday, February 18, 2005

freestyle two

Wow these past couple of days have been something. Friday was a very boring day, there was nothing to do, classes were canceled, and it was snowing. So me and a friend decided that it would be a nice day to drink. We went to a friend and to get us our supplies, man once they said yes it was perfect, everything was falling into place. They said they would be back after dinner, man were we the happiest people on campus. So we went to dinner, and then we got lots of munchies for later that night. I don’t know why because we didn’t eat any of them. We went off campus for a while to receive our goods. Man did we get plastered, it was time for us to come back. When we got back we were really loud, mostly me. We played pool, I fell down the stairs, and I puked all over my room. Me and my roommate got into it a couple of times, I wish I would have laid her out that night. To sum things up we got caught.


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