Friday, January 28, 2005

freestyle one

Man it has been one of those months where nothing seems to be going right. First I was shopping in the mall one and took a break at one of the benches and my wallet got stolen by some guy. A lot went on with that and I didn’t get it back but I did get back all of my ids which is a plus. The man took all of money and threw my atm card in the trash. The thought of him makes me sick. Next I come down with tonsillitis and I am very sick for two to three days, and I could not eat for a good majority of it. Then my car is parked here at EMCC and someone hits it leaving a big dent. I was lucky and he did leave a name and number so I called and I talked to his wife then he called me back. We talked about what should be done and I told him I would go and get an estimate. Well when I went to take my car for a ride I couldn’t get it started. I tried for a week and I could not get it to start, I was bumming rids to and from work, and anywhere else I would need a ride. Finally I get my car to start with the help of four college students and my uncle that works for a car dealership, it was even hard for them to get it. Then last but not least me and my roommate are having problems. Man what a way to start off a semester.


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