Friday, January 28, 2005

freestyle one

Man it has been one of those months where nothing seems to be going right. First I was shopping in the mall one and took a break at one of the benches and my wallet got stolen by some guy. A lot went on with that and I didn’t get it back but I did get back all of my ids which is a plus. The man took all of money and threw my atm card in the trash. The thought of him makes me sick. Next I come down with tonsillitis and I am very sick for two to three days, and I could not eat for a good majority of it. Then my car is parked here at EMCC and someone hits it leaving a big dent. I was lucky and he did leave a name and number so I called and I talked to his wife then he called me back. We talked about what should be done and I told him I would go and get an estimate. Well when I went to take my car for a ride I couldn’t get it started. I tried for a week and I could not get it to start, I was bumming rids to and from work, and anywhere else I would need a ride. Finally I get my car to start with the help of four college students and my uncle that works for a car dealership, it was even hard for them to get it. Then last but not least me and my roommate are having problems. Man what a way to start off a semester.

course reaction

So far I like this class. I was confused for a bit because I was going to the wrong place to look for my assignments, but I have been helped by one of my fellow students. Now I think that I am all set and ready to bury my feet into the ground. I am excited to be in this class because it seems that we can talk and write about pretty much anything so far with a few exceptions. I am a little scetchy about writing from my point of view or more like how I think about things because it is all opinions. In the long run I think this class is going to help me.

Monday, January 24, 2005

my worst teacher

My worst teacher would have to be my freshman math teacher. Man this guy was a pervert, nobody liked him. Whenever someone had a question, if it was a girl, he would walk up behind them and help them over their shoulder so he would be able to look down their shirt while he was helping them. If you were one of those girls that didn’t wear shirts with low cuts in the front or a short shirt then u wasn’t going to get the help that you want. This guy would go to any extent t get what he was looking for. He would try to get some of these girls to stay after school so he can give what he thought would be more help. In all reality we all knew what he was trying to pull.

Friday, January 21, 2005

my two hands

My two hands are very unique compared to others. I have very short and fat fingers. I think my hands are very manly. At this time my fingernails are short due to the cold weather, I also have dry skin. I wear only one ring at this time and that is the one my grandmother has given me and it rests on my right ring finger. I have one scar on my pinky right beneath my fingernail on my left hand. That finger is also broken and will never heal. Other than that my two hands are my unique way into society.